My ‘Conservative’ 5-Year-old son

My son did what? He did something I couldn’t have done when I was five years old. Amazing.


More Shops Mean More Traffic Woes

Membership store giant, S&R opened its biggest shop to date and with horrible traffic results. I’ve layed out the problem and offered solutions.

Of Raising Kids and Culinary

As a parent, our patience counts a lot in disciplining our kids. It’s a measure by which we should look at our lives and how God treats us.


Davantes Tragedy: A Link to Vizconde Massacre?

If Kae Davantes was abducted because of lapses in village security how much more back then in 1995?


Did Disney’s Planes ‘Copy’ Themes From Another Book?

I have to warn those who haven’t watched the movie that this post has spoiler content


My Thoughts on PH Conditional Cash Transfer Program

Giving to the poor is good, The Bible says, but the Scripture also teaches that no good will laziness do people. So what does the government teach us in giving free money to the poor?


5 Things Cirque du Soleil Taught me

  Watching Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai was a blessing from my mom. She treated the whole family last Thursday, July 21, for a show that’s truly remarkable, inspiring, and unforgettable. The show reminded me some of the things valuable in life. 1. Trust and faith – the actors, the performers, and those completing the cast…