MY OPINION: Five Reasons Why Aquino is Open to Running a ‘Second Term’

As one who has been following our political landscape since Pres. Cory Aquino's time, I've listed five reasons why Mr. Aquino is now considering running for a second term under Charter Change.


Naks! I got my UMID

Hatched in 2009, the government has finally taken bold steps to simplify government transactions by issuing one simple identification card called UMID. What is it? Read more and find out how it can help you.

My Changi Thoughts That Can Change my Country

We landed around 10:22PM in Changi Airport (en route to Rome, Italy)¬†and I’m already astounded by the excellence and immensity of this place. The terminals are connected by these Skytrains that run two sets of three cars aiding passengers from one terminal to the next. Each terminal is huge with sprawling spaces and high ceilings.…