‘Firework’ Over Autism

Autism can be won over if we continue to believe, if we continue the faith to live and fight for those who we love most – our kids. Read, watch, and be full of faith to know that kids with this condition can live like Katy Perry’s song, ‘Firework’.


Back to Square one, Sort of

Construction workers salary, site inspection, purchase bathroom fixtures, purchase lighting fixtures, purchase tiles, fix Isaiah’s clothes, Malou’s maternity needs, wash dirty laundry, boxing stuff for moving, dishwashing plates, organizing home items after returning from hospital…these are just some of the things that I need to to do today. We just got home and I need…

Who is This Amazing Woman?

This amazing woman survived the week carrying a flu virus she got during the week. She eventually got bed-ridden along with me but she stood strong fight odds of getting beaten by this irritating sickness. Who is she?