MY OPINION: Five Reasons Why Aquino is Open to Running a ‘Second Term’


He knows something we don’t and it seems he has a handle on what can be good for the country. Will the people relent? We’ll see. (Thanks for picture)

So the President himself dropped the bomb and now says he is open to constitutional change and that he now is open to running for a second term under the efforts that will alter the constitution his mom, late President Cory Aquino, ratified during her term. I’m no political expert but as one of the men on the streets observing these happenings, I have these reasons why Mr. Aquino is now open to running versus Vice President Binay should Congress and the electorate wills it.

No viable candidate versus Binay
With all these talks in the survey, Malacañang knows that the Liberal Party has no one in its roster to challenge the former Makati Mayor and now Vice President, Jejomar Binay. The President has already played the scenario in his head and that Mr. Binay has a clear shot of winning the presidency in 2016. He is probably figuring out that the corruption scandal that should ruin the party of Mr. Binay is not sticking and that his Administration is taking the brunt of it despite the notion that those who are being challenged in court right now are the friends and party-mates of the Vice President.

Binay’s influence
Binay’s survey has been unquestionable and the only person that could beat the Vice President is the President himself. Pnoy was a “nobody” back when he was running for the highest office in the land except the name that he has under the vast popularity his mom (Cory) and dad (Ninoy) left because of their cause under the late President Marcos. He has changed the minds of many through his reforms and actions that has economically been good for the country. He knows his influence as a president now will be far more different than when he is just citizen Aquino should his party lose in 2016.

Politics for Sale
This administration knows a lot and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of its funds were used to make research as to what may actually happen if and when the future of the country goes to another person’s hands. Imagine all the work that has been put in would go for naught if the minions of past administrations would undo every thing that was gained in the past four years of his leadership. The President wouldn’t have none of that.

Back in the ‘Dark Ages’
If politics after 2016 would go to another candidates’ hands that he won’t trust then The President himself knows that those people with dark motives can bring the Philippines to its knees and return the title “The Sick Man of Asia” then it would be better off under his leadership where he believes the country will be much better off after 12 years in power.

He wants to cement reforms
Six years is not enough after two decades of corruption, graft, and apathy. President Aquino feels it himself that he needs more time to bring in more reforms and establish more belief in the electorate that it could be better off with him than with a new leader that is perceived by the middle class as corrupt and ridden with questionable motives.

There is a clear underlying fact that Mr. Aquino doesn’t want the fruit of his labor to go to another person’s hands especially when the one who will run in the 2016 presidential elections is related to those who are now being charged with the Sandiganbayan. He knows he has full control of the House of Representatives and Senate, he could very well have the Charter Change he needs to undergo changes that will allow him to run for another term. What could hurt Mr. Aquino’s chances is the Supreme Court. He can make all the changes he wants and he is willing to dig in to battle the war versus the court that dropped the bomb on his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and the reforms only he knows for sure what can be constructive or destructive to the future of this country but it will ultimately be decided by the people who he calls his boss if this will become a reality or not and hopefully not in the streets to call for EDSA 3.


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