Davantes Tragedy: A Link to Vizconde Massacre?

What needs to be done to secure our community?

What needs to be done to secure our community?

Could Kae Davantes’ death become a lead in solving the massacre of Mr. Lauro Vizconde’s family? Immediately after reading the first news about Kae’s demise that the murderers were driving inside the village complete with their car pass on, I thought, “If the security is this lax, could it have happened the same thing to the Vizcondes?” I couldn’t help think about the same thing because first, no leads were ever established in the Vizconde massacre. The testimony of one individual — Jessica Alfaro — was tattered with questions and doubts and was even said to be an “NBI Asset” lured to make up stories and evidences to save NBI’s face back then. Then the Supreme Court overturned the Hubert Webb’s guilty verdict along with his six other friends in December 14, 2010 because the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt.

I feel so sad for Mr. Vizconde because the authorities were quick to act on their supposed leads only to be proven later on that they lack the true skills, professionalism, and expertise to solve this kind of case.
Now that we’re back to square one, what really happened to the Vizconde matriarch and their daughters? Were the village security guards in cahoots with thieves who are willing to share their loot just to get inside villages that residents deem safe?

If Kae Davantes was abducted without knowledge of the Security guards let alone allowed these thieves to prowl the residences of Parañaque and Muntinlupa because of security lapses then how much more back then in 1995? Could Mr. Lauro Vizconde find more leads knowing first and foremost that by this Davantes account that security is the main issue and that the NBI could help him piece through evidences? If Hubert Webb is not to blame then why is the NBI insisting on Jessica Alfaro’s lead? Why lead Mr. Vizconde to another lie when the poor man wants clarity to the issue?


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