‘Firework’ Over Autism

There are so many things that touched my life and when it touches you, you know it because you can relate to it.

Life is full adversities and challenges and the best examples to inspire others to go through what they’re going through is thru living examples that you see in life every day. Jodi DiPiazza is no superstar but she did something to battle further the effects of autism. Her parents detected her condition on her second-year birthday and like all other parents who will fight for their kids future acted on it, albeit enduringly, to make sure she gets the best possible therapy and care to make something of her future.

I felt for her mom, Michelle DiPiazza, when she said, “All these dreams we have for her, I had for her, all of a sudden vanished” but what grace God has for all of us when these hardships make us more capable, more stronger, and most of all more loving towards those who may be going through a lot.

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, gave Jodi the introduction and what made sweat my eyes are the facts that kids with this situation tend not to talk at all and secondly, she smiled at the applause of people who recognized her talent, her struggle, her success in a long road to life living with autism.

I’m proud of Jodi, I’m proud of her parents, Tom DiPiazza and Michelle DiPiazza for doing a lot but more for recognizing, accepting, and nurturing their ward no matter how tough, hard, and exhausting it might be at times.

I’m dedicating this post to all the parents who are going through this life-long and delibitating condition called autism and I continue to pray for them because God’s promises are everlasting and this is an example that dreams do come true as Jodi perform before an audience with her favorite singer, Katy Perry, singing the song aptly entitled “Firework”.


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