Naks! I got my UMID

I finally got a mail from the Social Security Services (SSS) office. “Thank you, Lord!” I mused after feeling it’s flat-hard-surface, card-like content inside. I re-applied for one after losing it from my trip with family in Europe in October, 2011.

My UMID. One card for every government business

What is UMID?
I opened it and got this unusual looking plastic ID that says Unified Multi-Purpose ID or UMID for short. “They sent me the wrong card!” I said. So I looked inside the mail and read the letter coming from SSS CEO/President Emilio S. De Quiros welcoming me to this new ID system that several government agencies put together. They did it to unify itself with one identification number. “Could this be the controversial National ID system the government was talking about years ago?”, I asked. Who cares?! I Google’d UMID and found out that the project was hatched during President Arroyo’s time and the project started around March 2009. The posts I read stated that the whole ID system was to save the government precious money from producing numerous cards that identify citizens who should get privileges from the government. It also simplifies life of Juan dela Cruz – I only need one number for all my government transactions.

But wait, what happened to my social security number? I wondered if it was existing still because they issued me a new number called CRN or Common Reference Number. I researched this document and found out the agency compiled duplicate-multiple identification numbers of members into one CRN that would deter or discourage fraud. This happens when you have about a dozen government agencies issuing you different account numbers or ID numbers such as medical insurance, housing benefits, social security numbers, etc.

The mere act of unifying all my records into one is a genius. One, it takes the bulk off of my wallet from carrying so many ID cards and two, I only need to memorize one number and that is my CRN. How awesome is that?!  This whole thing reminded me of the US’ Social Security number that more or less is a resident’s National ID system. But don’t tell the militants that because they don’t like the idea of putting together all your personal data into one card or what the government called the National ID. Whether this thing is not the National ID or it is, I don’t really care for as long as it lifts a heap of burden from every day citizen. By the way, did I mention that this card could also serve as your Voter’s ID?

Now, can we unify my Credit Cards, Bank Cards too?

Are you hungry for more information on what this UMID is? Check the links below, my friends.


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