Back to Square one, Sort of

Construction workers salary, site inspection, purchase bathroom fixtures, purchase lighting fixtures, purchase tiles, fix Isaiah’s clothes, Malou’s maternity needs, wash dirty laundry, boxing stuff for moving, dishwashing plates, organizing home items after returning from hospital…these are just some of the things that I need to to do today. We just got home and I need to do a lot of catching up on all the weekly, daily, and even periodic commitments I need finish before Monday starts. I heard from Malou that my good in-laws are coming by tomorrow to visit Isaiah and Malou who is probably in her first trimester of our second child. Oh man, I just remembered we have a Gynecologist appointment at 4 PM. Yikes. I gotta do things first and give you more details later after I catch up on a lot of husband/father-stuff that needs to be finish.

Ekk! I am reeking. I need to take a bath soon. Bye y’all. Keep me in your prayers cause I can’t afford to get sick.

By the way, did I say that Isaiah was in the hospital for six days since Monday, July 16th? Hehehe…that’s why all the catch up needs to be done and I don’t think I can afford to sit down and do menial stuff.



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