Who is This Amazing Woman?

This woman got the flu earlier in the week making her weaker and weaker as day progresses. She survived the week and eventually got bed-ridden. I got bed-ridden myself but she made sure I got better. She said, “Kailangan gumaling ka bukas” (You need to get healed by tomorrow) and that’s what happened to me. I got better. She eventually got better but headaches made her weaker and now her tummy is aching from the rampant cough she’s been experiencing. She made sure I didn’t miss my meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner included. She got me my vitamins, my flu medicine, and reminding me to change my sweaty clothes.

She’s an amazing woman and I thank God for her. Where does she get her strength, I ask? It could only come from God and that’s where both her and my faith lies on.

I’m now on recovery mode and she’s healing steadily. I could only pray that she heals well before the break of dawn tomorrow. Can you pray for her? My wife, Malou. I love her so much. She puts the meaning of “care” under the term wife. Isn’t that amazing? This makes Perper’s Blog more color each day.


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