Kids Raid McDonald’s Store

I saw them before and their very presence gave me a smile. It brought me back this press release McDonald’s gave months ago just before Summer started. I thought back then that this is another attempt by a huge multi-billion dollar company taking advantage of kids. But who am I fooling? Look at this photo…’

Whoa! See who popped out of McDonald’s Drive Thru window? Cute.

…how can you refuse these cute kids from not going back to McDonald’s Drive Thru just to give you a sheepish smile? They just don’t greet you but they do their darnest best (excuse me!) to serve you your food (not hot coffee!) when you pass thru their window. This activity has been going on for a very long time (in fact a mom wrote about her experience here!) and despite the ingenious Marketing strategy McDonald’s came with, I thought it was more of what the kids will get out of this experience. The exposure will just make shy kids try out to give back a smile and a potential extrovert kid to try out becoming a leader by doing some adult stuff behind the kitchen scene. As we drove off, my son, Isaiah, gave them back a courtesy and the whole thing just melted my heart as a parent who wants to show my kid what he should learn now before he grows older more.

I love being a parent. I love being a Dad!


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