Ten Things you can Expect me to do on this Cruise Ship Trip

As soon as this post shows up, my family and I are about to go on-board this Norwegian Cruise Ship docked somewhere in Rome, Italy. We’re on a seven-day cruise trip to Turkey with a stop-over in Greece. I have nothing to expect from this trip – I feel numb right now – and just the fact I’m writing about this much-anticipated vacation is already a blessing.

Without further ado, expect to see photos I will take that covers much of these themes. My top ten things to do on this trip will be to. . .

  1. Wave at the crowd – this is the most natural thing to do when you leave the port. Do they still throw confetti?
  2. Take a picture with the Captain of the ship – I should never miss this chance to meet the ship captain or even to tour the control deck of the ship.
  3. Eat, eat, eat – this is almost expected. Nuff said. I’ll post photos of things I ate if I needed to.
  4. Do Cardio work out – To shed off the extra pounds that I never had a chance to do for the past years. It’s hammer time!
  5. Do the Titanic pose – Of course who wouldn’t want to do the Leonardo Di Caprio pose and shout – I’m the king of the world! Woohoo!
  6. Take a picture at the back of the ship – This shot would be awesome. Just imagine the trail of frotting and churning water at the back of the sea liner.
  7. Take a picture of the front of the ship – Watch out for the picture of the ship’s tip as it cruises along the Mediterranean Sea.
  8. Swim or take a dip in the Jacuzzi – Oh yeah. A shot of Virgin Piña Colada would be nice or Dr. Pepper.
  9. Go online! – A social media geek like me would be looking for that elusive wifi signal.
  10. Stroll with wifey at the clear moon light – Ahh, yes! I will not miss this chance to actually take my photo with my wife with the moon at our backs.
I also expect to meet Filipinos working on this ship so I’ll take my chance to take pictures with them too. Overall, with my wife and kid in tow, I will surely enjoy each and every moment of this trip. Thanks mom for treating us.

One thought on “Ten Things you can Expect me to do on this Cruise Ship Trip

  1. I love cruising. It’s such a great family vacation option because everyone can do what they want to do. And as much as we claimed that we weren’t going to be like all the people who rave about all the food they ate on the ship, we turned out to be “those kind of people.” We loved all the food!

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