My Changi Thoughts That Can Change my Country

Mind-blowingly huge

We landed around 10:22PM in Changi Airport (en route to Rome, Italy) and I’m already astounded by the excellence and immensity of this place. The terminals are connected by these Skytrains that run two sets of three cars aiding passengers from one terminal to the next. Each terminal is huge with sprawling spaces and high ceilings. You would be tired already just by touring the area.

I suddenly wondered how Singapore managed to be this wealthy, this excellent. I guess there’s one answer to that – cooperation. It’s not the most dazzling answer but think about this. It’s more than just the discipline and strictness of its government implementing its system. It’s the belief that by helping each other, no matter what stage of life they’re in, they can reach their destination.

The Philippines can duplicate this. In fact, it can do better if my kababayans will just realize that each one need each other to get to the place where everyone wants to be. Through cooperation, a nation can lift its eyes to look at the horizon and not be content with what he sees be looking down, which is your toes and the dirt you’re stepping on. Ang problema ay nasosolusyunan kung iniisip niya kung paano siya makakatulong sa iba at hindi lang ng sarili. We can do more just by helping others non-stop.

Changi Airport can look good now but it can always grow old. Until then, the Philippines can dream and work towards a goal that will not just build beautiful structures but beautiful people with love in their hearts.

Now, how about boarding that plane right now…good morning, Manila. It’s 12:08AM, October 16.


2 thoughts on “My Changi Thoughts That Can Change my Country

    • That’s so good of you to observe. Thank you for liking this post. I haven’t read it since. I will re-post in my Facebook page and inspire more people about the changes they can do to make their country greater.

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