Two Things to Help you Stop Facebook SPAM

Spam is only good for eating but if it shows up on your screen – destroy it. Don’t be a victim. I saw a post that shows the “new iPhone 5” but why would Apple advertise it on Facebook first? Why not their site? So before you click LIKE to such links, question it and remember these two things:

  1. Content – Is it credible? Be wary. Things and themes like “Scandal”, “Win” , “Violence” , “Stalker”, or “New” is a red flag. It pays too to be familiar with the content of what you will interact with – remember the “new iPhone 5” I said above?
  2. Character – Is the sender of the post “out of character”? Meaning, would your friend send this kind of link to you?

That’s it. Remember to protect yourself first ALWAYS when engaging with links “sent” by your friends. In the age of identity theft – where you keep your personal information secured – you should be more careful in clicking links or posts you see in your social media accounts.

Avoid these types of posts that you will normally see on your wall

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