Tweet @MMDA and it Tweets Back

Did you know you can ask The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for help on Twitter? Using @MMDA,the post below shows tweet exchanges last April 19 at 3:57 PM between actress Agot Isidro, MMDA, and me. As you can see I was upset with MMDA’s response but a week later I found out MMDA replies back to those who post @MMDA on their request or complaints. TJ Manotoc, another personality, asked for traffic updates last April 27. The MMDA replied to Mr. Manotoc’s inquiry, which prompted me to post a bogus inquiry to test their sincerity. The result? The MMDA didn’t reply immediately. I had to ask my question twice but they nonetheless replied back – albeit ten minutes later (from my first inquiry).

If @MMDA can do that for personalities then they can definitely use modern technology to help us with traffic updates and even report traffic accidents or even other things that need their attention. They just need to provide equal attention to all those who ask @MMDA for help – personality, celebrity or not.

I hope @MMDA will provide equal treatment to everyone who asks them for help


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